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Merica Labz RTD Energy Drink New Flavors Victory Cream Soda & 'Merican Classic Cherry Cola

June 07, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

It was just a few weeks back that 'Merica Labz added two new flavors to their line of Red, White, & Boom Ready to Drink (RTD) Energy Drink line. Well, they've done it again with two more new exciting flavors that couldn't be any more 'Merican. 

The new flavors are 'Merican Classic Cherry Cola, and Victory Cream Soda. What's more American than Cherry Cola and Cream Soda, two of our favorite childhood past times. And even better, we're excited to announce we have these in stock if you're looking to try them out, just click the button below. 

'Merica Labz has also announced that they are beta testing an all new flavor which would make number eight in the line-up. The new flavor they are testing is called Liberty. The product is purportedly a blueberry lemonade flavor which is supposed to be crisp and refreshing. If it tastes anything as good as the current flavors it's sure to be a winner.