Metabolic Nutrition ALL NEW Hydra EAA

Metabolic Nutrition ALL NEW Hydra EAA

Metabolic Nutrition just introduced a NEW EAA Amino Acid Supplement called Metabolic Nutrition Hydra EAA! Metabolic Nutrition Hydra EAA is your solution to help build lean muscle mass. This Amino Acid Supplement contains 18 grams per serving of Essential Amino Acids, Branch Chain Amino Acids, and Critically Essential Amino Acids for maximum protein synthesis. Metabolic Nutrition Hydra EAA is formulated with 18,150mg of EAAs, 9,000mg of BCAAs, 5,000mg of Glutamine, 2,000mg of Coconut Water & Glycerol, and 1,500mg of Electrolytes.
Metabolic Nutrition Hydra EAA's benefits include boosting physical and mental performance, will help you build lean muscle mass, improve protein synthesis, and supports natural all-day energy production!

Metabolic Nutrition Hydra EAA comes in three delicious flavors including Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. Check out this NEW product from Metabolic Nutrition!

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