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MyoBlox Blo Reveals Formula of Blo 2.0

May 04, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments


Olympus Labs Protein Powder

BLO 2.0

MyoBlox is a brand we've discussed quite a bit here on the My Supplement Store Blog. We're huge fans of this brand around the office, most notably the Skywalk Nootropic Energy Formula. A while back we told you how MyoBlox was reformulating a number of it's supplements rolling out 2.0 versions. One of those formulas being MyoBlox Blo 2.0. Well MyoBlox has just released the all new formula behind MyoBlox 2.0.

For those of you not familiar with this one Blo, is MyoBlox Pump formula. One big change is it will come in a 25 serving tub as opposed to the previous version which was either 20 or 40 servings depending upon whether you chose one or two scoops. 

As you can see from the fact panel below, this one features 6,000mg L-Citrulline, 2,500mg Betaine Anhydrous, 2,000mg L-Taurine, 2,000mg L-Orthonine, 250mg Pine Bark, and 50mg AstraGin for improved absorption. 

The all new Blo 2.0 seems to be effectively dosed and while we liked the predecessor we would agree this one is an improvement. While we don't have this one in stock as of yet, keep an eye out as we should have it in here soon. 

MyoBlox Blo 36 Servings


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