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New 3D Energy Flavor Coming in October - Pink Flavor

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3D Energy Drinks announced today on their Instagram account an all new flavor set to drop in October. The new flavor is rolling out in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and a portion of the proceeds wil be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation. 

3D has not told us or even hinted at what this flavor could be. Fans of the brand have been trying to guess on the Instagram post. We've heard everything from Cotton Candy to Pink Lemonade to Bubble Gum.

My personal guess is going to be a something like a Passion Fruit or Hibiscus flavor, as 3D hasn't been big on Candy flavors in the past. What's your guess? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think the new 3D Energy Drink flavor will be!!!



3D Energy Drink 12/Case 3D Energy Drink, formerly known as Up Energy, is the official energy dirnk of bodybuilder, influencer, and Youtuber Christian Guzman. This is one of the most popular energy drinks to hit the market recently. 3D Energy Drinks have an amazing clean flavor. They pack 200mg of caffeine which comes in a bit less than Bang Energy Drinks at 300mg, however many people find Bang's to be too strong, so 3D Energy for many hits that sweet spot as having more energy than say a Redbull ...

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