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New Blackstone Labs Superstrol-7

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Blackstone Labs announced on their Instagram page yesterday a brand new supplement they're rolling out. The new product is a muscle building formula which is being rolled out under the name Superstrol-7.

This new supplements aim is to promote lean muscle gains while increasing strength, performance, and muscle growth. The product packs three main ingredients into a tablet; 50mg of (25r)-5-alpha-spirostan-2alpha, 100mg of epiandrosterone, and 25mg of 7-hydroxy DHEA.

The all new Superstrol-7 should be available soon. Keep checking back to My Supplement Store for more info on the release. 

Blackstone Labs Superstrol-7 60 Tabs


Blackstone Labs Superstrol-7 60 Tabs The long awaited SuperStrol-7 is the newest prohormone from Blackstone Labs. Androgenic and anabolic, SuperStrol-7 provides lean and dry muscle growth for both men and women. Add SuperStrol-7 to any cycle to increase results in strength and athletic performance. Blackstone Labs Superstrol-7 Highlights Promotes Muscle Growth Non-Liver Toxic Promotes Lean, Dry, Hard Gains Doesn't Convert to Estrogen Increase Performance, Speed, and Power 200mg Epi-Androsterone ...

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