New Finaflex Fat Burner, Finaflex PX Elite

New Finaflex Fat Burner, Finaflex PX Elite


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Finaflex just announced an all new addition to the weight loss category and it's called PX Elite. PX Elite brings together a powerful mix of ingredients which aim to enhance thermogenesis, and offer weight management support.

The product was just announced on Instagram this week. PX Elite does pack a good amount of stimulants including Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Cocoa, Theacrine, and even Yohimbe, however it's a non-transparent blend so we don't know exactly how much of each ingredients it contains. 

Each capsule is made up of two proprietary blends an Ultimate Hardcore Energy Matrix (433mg) and an Elite Body Fat Metabolism Matrix (217mg). You can checkout the full fact panel for yourself below. PX Elite was just released, we'll let you know as soon as we get it in!

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