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New Glaxon "Thermal" Non-Stim Thermogenic Fat Loss Formula

March 09, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments


Olympus Labs Protein Powder


About a week back the hottest new supplement line Glaxon, began teasing an all new supplement being added to the brands growing line. Well, it's been revealed, the all new supplement is Glaxon Thermal, and it's a non-stimulant thermogenic weight loss supplement which aims to energy, focus, and fat burning to it's users. Unlike the brands other fat burner "Slyce", this one is flavored, and in powdered form, as opposed to coming in a capsule, it's also non-stimulant. 

Glaxon Thermal contains many premium branded ingredients, but it's a fairly straightforward formula containing 50mg Niacin, 277mg Choline, 1100mg L-Carnitine, 675mg VitaCholine Bitartrate, 500mg BAIBA, and 250mg InnoSlim. 

Glaxon themselves have been selling this one on pre-order for a couple days with it shipping today March 9. We should have this one in stock any day now, so stay tuned. If you'd like to checkout our current line-up of Glaxon Supps including Pre-Workout Specimen, Pump Supp Surge, Nootropic Adrinall, or others click the Glaxon icon below...


Glaxon is a newer supplement line which has quickly surged in popularity. This lifestyle brand makes innovative high quality supplements. If you're looking for enhanced performance during training checkout the brands powerful Specimen Pre-Workout, and while you're at it, stack it with their Plasm Surge Pump Supplement. For those looking for recovery, checkout Glaxon Xeno EAAs, and for those looking for a Nootropic Boost or just overall health checkout Nootropic Adrenall or Super Greens. Glaxon h ...