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New Psychotic Black from Insane Labz

September 03, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments


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Well first off, hope you and your family enjoyed the long Labor Day Holiday Weekend. As is usually the case, Labor Day Weekend is a popular weekend for supplement sales and deals, as well as for the launch of new products, and sometimes even entirely new brands. Redcon1 actually launched on Labor Day about 3 years back.

This Labor Day Weekend, we had an exciting announcement from Insane Labz. Insane Labz on September 1, announced on their Instagram page, an all new supplement from The Mad Chemist. The following day they followed up with their announcement. The return of The Mad Chemist, brings us a new Pre-Workout supplement called Psychotic Black.

Now Psychotic is one of Insane Labz flagship products, and this woudln't be the first offshoot of it. We had Psychotic Gold. Then we had Psychotic HellBoy Series, and now we have Psychotic Black. Psychotic Black is intended to be a mid level stimulant supplement. 

This one seems interesting, and is great in that it can be used by all. In an age where everyone is putting out extreme high potency pre-workouts, oftentimes ones which are so strong few people can use them, it's great to see a brand putting out a pre-workout which can be used by all. 

Another interesting thing about Psychotic Black is it can be taken as a single scoop for those who are stim sensitive or just need a bit of energy, or can be taken as a two scoop serving for those who are looking for something a bit more intense.

Psychotic Black contains three different forms of caffeine, fast acting, as well as time released for sustained energy and endurance. It's also powered by AMPiberry. This new pre-workout does contain a non-transparent blend, but none the less it looks to be a quality well rounded pre-workout.

Currently Psychotic Black is only available through the brand's website and only in a bundle with Insane Creatine, however stay tuned and we'll keep you updated as to when we get it in. If you'd like to checkout Insane Labz entire line-up of products, as well as the various iterations of Psychotic, you can do so below. 


Insane Labz

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