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Nuts 'N More Announces New Butter Crunch Flavor

March 16, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Butter Crunch

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Nuts 'N More

Nuts 'N More is one of our favorite snacks around the office here at My Supplement Store, so we were super excited to hear about an all new flavor. Nuts 'N More has put together a VERY limited edition run of an all new Butter Crunch flavor. The brand just teased this one out on Instagram saying they have 10 tubs they are giving away, but that it's n ot currently available for sale on their site or anywhre else. 

Currently it's only available thorugh an Instagram giveaway, however we'll likely see a limited number of these roll out in the coming weeks. The brand will be announcing 10 winners tomorrow night, so checkout their page if you're interested in entering. 

As for the flavor, not sure if this will be a butter cookie like flavor, or whether it will be more like a Butterfinger Candy Bar, either way it sounds rich and tasty. We'll keep you in the loop when we get more information or learn about when this special edition is available for sale. If you'd like to checkout our huge collection of Nuts 'N More you can do so below...

Nuts 'N More

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