Omnizen the New Stress & Mood Formula from PEScience

Omnizen the New Stress & Mood Formula from PEScience

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PEScience, the company who's behind many of your favorite products like the Select Protein line of protein power, as well as numerous other popular pump and pre-workout formulas has rolled out an all new product.

This newest product, named Omnizen is a stress, mood, and relaxation formula. This new supplement is designed to provide support for stress as well as enhance a users mood. 

This new supplement has a pretty straight forward ingredient panel featuring four main ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed with their amounts listed right on the label. No proprietary blends here. 

This new supplement packs a good dose of lemon balm and KSM-66 branded Ashwagandha at 600mg each, as well as 200mg of theanine and idole-3-carbinol. 

Together these ingredients make up the all new stress and mood support supplement from PEScience. 

You can checkout our entire line-up of PEScience products by clicking the button below. If you missed our recent post about the new cake pop flavor of PEScience Select Protein which seems to be a hit amonst users, you can give that article a read here

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