Orange Beat New Product Alert from Controlled Labs | Cardiovascular Support Formula

Orange Beat New Product Alert from Controlled Labs | Cardiovascular Support Formula

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We've become big fans of Controlled Labs lately. One of my personal favorites is Controlled Labs White Warped Pre-Workout in the Gummy Worm flavor, it's my afternoon pick-me up at least a few days per week. So with that said, we're always excited to see Controlled Labs add new products to their line. Yesterday Controlled Labs announced a new product on their Instagram account

The new product, is a new addition to their Orange line of controlled labs products. The Orange Line is a product line focused on supporting overall health and wellbeing. This new product Orange Beat uses researched backed ingredients and aims to promote good cardiovascular health and performance. 

Shilajit, Coenzyme Q10, Bergamot, and Garlic Bulcb Extract, ingredients contained in Orange Beat, have all shown to support cardiovascular health. Orange Beat can also can potentially improve cardiovascular performance by providing an increase in your V02 Max. 

Orange Beat is currently available through the Controlled Labs website, however as is usually the case, if you wait for it to hit retailers like ourselves, you'll likely be able to get it much cheaper. 

If you'd like to checkout our entire line-up of Controlled Labs supplements, including my favorite, the White Warped Pre-Workout, check below...

Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs Supplements Online Store-Controlled Labs was founded in early 2005 with the goal of producing the highest quality products at a price that customers could actually afford. The company refuses to make any outlandish claims and, instead, stands by the results its products actually deliver in real world scenarios.

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