Performax Labs FINALLY Rolling Out a Protein Supplement

Performax Labs FINALLY Rolling Out a Protein Supplement

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We have some Big News for those of you out there who are Performax Labs fans. Recently we announced an all new flavor of the popular High Stim Pre-Workout Hypermax Extreme. We got early and limited access to the All New Rocket Bomb Flavor. 

Well, we have more exciting news from Performax Labs, they are finally entering the protein market. Performax Labs is one of hte most reputable and trusted supplement companies on the market, yet there's one supplement category they have yet to enter into and relase a product for, and that's protein.  While they have the popular NootropiMax, Hypermax, and OxyMax products, Performax Labs  has yet to grace us with a protein . Well that's about to change.

Performax Labs has announced they are finally going to be getting into the protein game. Details as of yet are sparse. We don't yet know what it will be named, or anything about the actual formula. We do know that there will be four flavor options

While it's super exciting Performax Labs is entering this new space with an all new product, unfortunately we're going to have to wait another 6-8 weeks to see what it actually is. This new protein product isn't going to be released until sometime in July.

Stay tuned to MySupplementStore.Com for more news and updates on this new line of Performax Labs products. In the meantime feel free to browse our existing line-up of Performax Labs products by clicking the button below...

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