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Performax Labs Introducing New Kiwi Limeade Flavor of Eamino Max

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Performax labs eamino max

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It was just announced that Performax Labs is going to be rolling out an all new flavor of their Eamino Max formula. EAmino Max is Performax's full spectrum essential amino acid supplement which has 7 grams of EAAs, Carnitine, and Electolytes. It's been around for about a year and is currently available in two tasty flavors; Blackberry Lemonade and Orange Mango.

Well Performax has announced an all new flavor and it's going to be Kiwi Limeade. Sounds like a great refreshing flavor just in time for summer. 

If you're a fan of Performax supplements be sure to checkout this new flavor. If you want to checkout the existing selection of EAmino Max check them out by clicking the button below. 

John Frigo
John Frigo

Avid runner, paddleboarder, and fitness enthusiast. John has written 100's of articles and guides, as well as done videos on the fitness and sports nutrition industries. John is focused on educating and improving others live's through nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.