Quest Nutrition Purchased for $1 Billion Dollars by Simply Good Foods

Quest Nutrition Purchased for $1 Billion Dollars by Simply Good Foods


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Yesterday afternoon, August 21, 2019, a press release went out announcing that Quest Nutrition the popular supplement and functional food company was sold to The Simply Good Foods company for a purchase price of $1 Billion Dollars. Simply good foods, if you haven't heard of them, is the company behind the popular low-carb food brand Atkins. 

The President and CEO of Quest Nutrition Dave Ritterbush was quoted as saying "The Simply Good Foods team has a strong track record in building leading nutrition brands and I feel that Quest will fit perfectly in their overall mission. As part of Simply Good Foods, Quest will benefit from the combination of the two great organizations focused on providing consumers with healthier food choices."

What does this mean for your the future of your favorite Quest Nutrition snacks? Well, the two companies compete in many of the same segments within the nutrition industry such as bars, cookies, chips, pizza and more, so it's very possible the company now has more backing to roll out even more great products, however only time will tell. 

If you'd like to read the full press release about The Simply Good Foods company purchasing Question Nutrition at GlobalNewsWire.Com.

Quest Nutrition

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