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Redcon1 Announces Their First Vegan Protein "Green Beret"

February 08, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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Redcon1 CEO Aaron Singer just announced yesterday on Instagram that the company would be rolling out their first Isolate Gain Vegan Protein. Green Beret will be naturally sweetened and have no artificial flavors, colors or dies, and will be non-GMO. Aaron said he never in a million years would have thought he would have been releasing a product like this but after tasting this new kind of finally milled vegan protein he was sold. Green Beret should be available early next month. Flavors have yet to be announced.We'll update this post as soon as it drops so stay tuned to My Supplement Store for Updates.


Redcon1 Green Beret is now in stock and ready to ship. This plant based protein is not only tasty but super smooth, unlike a lot of other plant based proteins on the market. It's diverse protein sources almost match that of whey protein, and are a healthier alternative as this protein contains no cholesterol. Green Beret is available in 4 tasty flavors; Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Pickup a tub and try it for yourself today!

Redcon1 Green Beret Vegan Protein | Plant Based Protein


Redcon1 Green Beret Vegan Protein People never expected that Redcon1 would roll out a Vegan Friendly supplement, but they've done it. Green Beret is here! Green Beret is Redcon1's first plant based vegan protein. Green Beret is made of a diverse blend of three different protein sources which include pea isolate, brown rice, and quinoa proteins, and packs a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving. These plant based proteins can match the amino presence of Whey, and lacks almost any trace of chol ...