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Redcon1 Launching New 15 Serving "Trial Sized" Total War Tubs

March 09, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments


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Redcon1 has announced they'll be rolling out an all new smaller trial size option of their flagship pre-workout Total War. This will come as welcome news to those who like to swap out flavors frequently, or those who want to try a new flavor without commiting to a full 30 serving tub. It would also make a great secondary pre-workout to keep in a gym bag, or in your desk at work.

The one downside to this is it's not quite as cost effective as Redcon1's traditional total war. The half priced tubs will sell for $24.99 which is about 25% more per serving than buying the full-sized tub, however to some the more portable size, or the ability to swap out flavors more often may be worth that added expense.

From what we're hearing this new "half sized" tub of Total War is supposed to be sold through Redcon1's own online shop, as well as Amazon. Not sure if it will roll-out to retailers like ourselves, but thought you guys would be interested in hearing about this. 

If you're interested in picking up a full-sized tub of Total War, we offer Total War at $39.99 in 19 different flavor options including special edition flavors like Demogorgon Blood, White Walker, and America, so checkout our Total War listing below...

Redcon1 Total War 30 Servings