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Redcon1 Launching New Irish Cream Flavored Isotope Very Soon!

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This past weekend was the weekend most cities held their big St Patricks Day Celebrations, or at least would have, had most not been cancelled by the Coronavirus Chaos. If you didn't get a chance to celebrate because of that you'll be excited about today's news. 

Redcon1 has announced an all new special edition flavor of their Isotope protein powder, which gets it's 25 grams of protein from Whey Isolate Protein. The all new St Pattys Day themed flavor is Irish Cream. It will feature 25 grams of protein and a lean 2 carbs. 

Thus far this unique flavor has only been announced for the Isotope product. While they didn't give an official release date, they said this one should be out VERY SOON, so we wouldn't be shocked to see it drop on their website tomorrow for the official St Patricks Day.

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John Frigo
John Frigo

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