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Redcon1 Total War Limited Edition Flavors WhiteWalker & America Now Available

August 21, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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If you're a fan of Redcon1 products, and specifically if you love their popular Total War Pre-Workout, you're going to be excited about this news.

Limited Edition Total War flavors White Walker and America are now in stock and ready to ship, we just got them in yesterday.

Both these flavors are limited edition, in the case of America in the spirit of the founding of our great nation they only made 1776 tubs.

Both flavors are delicious, America is a Freedom or Rocket Bomb flavor like a red white and blue bomb pop style popsicle. This has been an incredibly popular flavor this summer and while some brands really due it justice, shoutout to 3D Energy for their Red, White and Blue Energy drink, other brands, and we won't mention any names did a very poor job of executing on the Freedom Pop flavor. Redcon's America Total War however nailed it and it tastes delicious.

White Walker is a take on Game of Thrones and it tastes just like the blood of a White Walker, okay just kidding it doesn't, it does taste amazing though. White Walker is hard to nail down but it's sorta a Pineapple Lemonade slash Glacial Gatorate with maybe a hint of White Cherry. It's hard to describe so we'll just say it's delicious. 

Pick-up a tub today and be the first to try these awesome limited edition flavors, and again, these are limited edition we only have a small number in stock so don't sleep on it. 


Redcon1 Total War 30 Servings


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