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Redcon1's New Limited Release Clothing & Apparel Line

June 08, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

DROPS JUNE 11, 2019

So Redcon1 has always had some cool swag from tee shirts to gym bags, and if you've ordered Redcon1 products from us in the past you've probably gotten some of this as part of various promotions. Because of this we were excited to hear about Redcon1's new extremely limited line of clothing.

Redcon1 had initially announced this back in April, that they would be releasing a new line of clothing featuring unique designs, and that each piece would be individually numbered. It seems Redcon1 is trying to replicate the excitement and scarcity of the Supreme brand numbering the items and having specific release dates. Once these items are sold they will never be re-offered again, so if you miss out, you miss out. According to Redcon starting the first pieces will drop June 11, and each week and once the previous product sells out, a new one will follow. 

Redcon1 has shared a sneak peak at the upcomming line to give fans an idea of what's on the horizon. We've seen some tees, hoodies, and a sleevless hoodie, as well as some women's crop top hoodies. 

Currently you can visit Redcon1's website and sign-up to be notified so you don't miss the offerings. 

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