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Smart Sweet Launches Their Own Starburst Like Candy "Sweet Chews"

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Sometime last year we began carrying the Smart Sweets brand of low sugar, fiber infused candies. They quickly became a hit, not only among customers, but among many of us here in the office. I won't mention any names but a few among us hit the store for a bag or sometimes even two per day. 

With that in mind we were incredibly excited to hear about Smart Sweets New Sweet Chews, a "Starburst Like" candy, and unlike the brands other gummy style candies, these ones are actually Sweet Chews with zero sugar and made with only plant based ingredients. 

Sweet Chews will come in convenient little bags with each of the chew candies individually wrapped just like a Starburst. Each bag will contain a mix of three flavors including Mango, Strawberry, and Watermelon, just so happens to be my three favorite flavors. 

Sweet Chews will become available sometime this week through the brands website, and if those of us around the office have any say in it, we should have them in stock very soon. If you'd like to checkout our current line-up of Smart Sweet Candies you can do so below...

Smart Sweets

Finally a company delivering what it promises! Smart Sweets is here with their line of delicious gummy bears with all taste and none of the guilt! Find a selection of sour and fruity gummy bears that are low in sugar, high in fiber and won't make you feel bad for eating them!

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