Sparta Nutrition New Pre-Workout - KRAKEN BLACK

Sparta Nutrition New Pre-Workout - KRAKEN BLACK

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Sparta Nutrition KRAKEN BLACK

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Sparta Nutrition has rebranded and their new look looks amazing! And with a new looks comes a new product that will knock your socks off! Introducing the stronger preworkout, Kraken Black! 

This is one of Sparta Nutrition's newest products from their updated new look. Kraken Black is the same amazing preworkout as the older, but is more for serious fitness gurus and is much stronger! If you love Kraken and wanted a change of pace, Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black is your next supplement. 

So what is the difference between Kraken and Kraken Black? Well for starters, Kraken Black is NOT meant for beginners whatsoever. It contains more caffeine so if you are not used to stimulants, do not take this. 

For the most part, both Kraken and Kraken Black have the same ingredients like L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine with the same dosage. Some ingredients have been removed like taurine and Teacrine. But Kraken Black has 175mg of caffeine when Kraken had only 120mg. Also in the old Kraken, there was 7mg of Cocoa Extract when Kraken Black has 12.5mg. This makes Kraken Black much more powerful! 

Three more ingredients have been added that wasn't in the old formula. B-Phenylethylamine HCI, Higenamine HCI and Hordenine HCI. These all work together to give you better performance, more energy, and build up that endurance.

If you are wanting a change of pace, more energy, and more power, Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black is your next and only pre-workout. 

Right now, the only flavors available are Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy Bear and Bombsicle. When we start carrying them, you'll be the first to know! 

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