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Steel PRE a Truly Unique Pre-Workout Formula

September 27, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


Olympus Labs Protein Powder


Everytime a new supplement, and especially a new pre-workout comes out people make a big deal and create a bunch of hype about how unique and revolutionary it is. And let's be honest, most of the time it's the same old thing we've seen 100 times before, but with some clever marketing and a nice tub behind it. Steel PRE however is truly a unique supplement. 

Something else really cool about PRE, is that Steel actually took some critiques and suggestions from it's customers when they were creating PRE. Things like reducing the amount of Beta Alanine because most users hate tingles, as well as reducing the amount of caffeine, becauset hey already have Amped and Charged for Stim-Heads, they wanted to bring something lower stim out for beginners and just those who don't need an insane amount of stims.

Steel PRE is loaded with vitamins, a performance complex which has some creatine, citrulline, and just a bit of beta alanine. This along with some energy and focus/nootropic type ingredients such as caffeine, theanine, huperzine, and one of the most interesting ingredients to me personally Lions Mane. If you're not hip to lions mane it's a really interesting ingredient. If you'd like to hear more about it Joe Rogan has done some great podcasts about it.

Anyhow, all this comes together to make both an effective, and a truly unique pre-workout formula. If you're tired of the same old pre-workouts with different flashy names and want to try something truly unique pick-up a tub of PRE today!

Steel PRE Pre-Workout 30 Serving


Steel PRE Pre-Workout Steel PRE is an incredibly unique pre-workout and focus supplement and probably unlike anything you've ever taken before. This Pre-Workout was formulated with beginners in mind, as well as those who just aren't stim heads and don't want to be "my head is about to explode" levels of hyped. PRE is meant to be some energy before the gym or even a replacement for a cup of coffee. Many users said Amped and Charged were too strong, so Steel listened and made a more moderate pre-w ...