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Stimulean The New Stimulant Powered Fat Burner from Metabolic Nutrition

August 15, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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Supplement company Metabolic Nutrition over the years has put out a number of weight loss supplements and fat burners, probably the most popular to date being Synedrex

Well, Metabolic Nutrition just announced an all new addition energy fat burner called Stimulean. As the name alludes to, this is a fat burner as well as a focus and energy formula which uses a strong combination of stimulants.

Checkout the supplement facts below. As you can see everything within the "Powerful Stimulant Weight Loss Solution" is a proprietary blend, so we don't know the doses of any of the ingredients, or whether this supplement is effectively dosed which typically isn't a great thing, however due to Metabolic Nutrition being a company who puts out quality supplements I'd be willing to overlook that and give it a chance.  Some of the ingredients within the weight loss matrix include caffeine, grains of paradise, and yohimbe. 

Stimulean comes in a one capsule serving that is taken twice daily. It currently is for sale on Metabolic's own website, however we should be getting it in soon so stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to checkout the fact panel below for yourself. 

Metabolic Nutrition Stimulean 45 Caps


Metabolic Nutrition Stimulean 45 Caps Metabolic Nutrition's Stimulean aims to promote thermogenesis, energy, craving control, and to give you that long lasting feel good energy. If you're looking to burn body fat, we know it comes down to calories, and it's no easy task cutting calories or the work that we need to put in at the gym to burn them. A large part of calorie burning is your core temperature, raise your core temperature, burn more calories. Stimulean is an all new and all in one soluti ...