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The New Ronnie Coleman King Cake Looks Delicious!!!

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Ronnie Coleman has rolled out a new line of "Functional Foods". These new King Cakes look amazing. They come in two flavors Peanut Butter Cup and Triple Chocolate Brownie. 

These Gourmet Whey Protein Cake Snacks that you can bake in just 90 seconds, creating a super soft and high protein cake snack with 19 grams of whey protein. Even better these cakes are gluten free. And the preparation couldn't be any easier, just add water, microwave for 90 seconds, and enjoy. 

If the future "functional foods" rolled out are anything near as good as these King Cakes, it will definitely be something worth trying. 

John Frigo
John Frigo

Avid runner, paddleboarder, and fitness enthusiast. John has written 100's of articles and guides, as well as done videos on the fitness and sports nutrition industries. John is focused on educating and improving others live's through nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.