The Olympia 2018

The Olympia 2018

So if you missed it, The Olympia was this past weekend at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I myself was not able to make it, but the owner of our company definitely attended. While I usually go to The Arnold each year (closer), I plan on trying to attend next year. Anyway, if you want more information about the actual Olympia, check their official website out here.

The word out there is that the expo center wasn't as filled us as much as in years past. This could have to do with costs, which I heard from a lot of brands is the reason they didn't have a booth. Doesn't mean they didn't attend, just didn't have a booth. But that didn't stop a ton of brands from releasing a lot of new products during The Olympia.

So we will go ahead and break down the new products released over The Olympia.

  • Pre-Armed from Universal Nutrition. This is their new pre-workout formula. One thing I noticed was the high 425mg caffeine blend. Whoa that is a lot of caffeine. I will be talking to our rep this week about getting some of these possibly as giveaways.
  • While we don't sell too much MuscleTech anymore, they did release quite a few new products. Muscle Builder PM, Test HD Thermo, Amino Build and Vapor X5. Not totally new, but formulas closely related to others that are out there. If you are a MuscleTech fan, then you should probably try these out. We should carry them shortly.
  • Something I am very excited about is Quest releasing a snickerdoodle flavored cookie. Probably my favorite cookie flavor ever! While I am not a big protein cookie guy, this flavor is going to make me have to try it out at least once. Just going to wait for that next cheat day.
  • Blackberry Blaze Bang Energy Shot from VPX. Not sure if I like this idea. I like the current bangs and seems like they are going after the 1-hour energy market here. Probably going to see these popping up in gas stations everywhere. It may work for them though, especially riding the coat tails of the success of their Bang energy drinks. I love those drinks so more power to you!
  • A competitor of ours, but we will talk about it anyway. releases its own protein bar called Signature Protein Crunch Bar. It's another bar on the market. Hopefully it stands out above the rest, otherwise I am not sure if it will succeed.
  • AmiNO Energy + Electrolytes RTD from Optimum Nutrition. This is a carbonated drink, their first...well here in the states. I actually saw Amino Energy carbonated drinks during a recent trip to Iceland. This is something I am pretty excited about trying out though. I like carbonated drinks, so this was will just be another to try.
  • FitCrunch High Protein Puffs. Love their protein bars, so I am excited to try this out as well!
  • Battle Shakers is a new line of shaker bottles that are battle themed. Looks pretty cool. I still just use the normal blender bottle, so I am not totally sold on these. Twice as much as a blender bottle. Yes, they look cool though and their will be a market for them, trust me.

I am sure there were even more new products launched at the Olympia, and I will get more information throughout the week. Many of these launches should arrive at our store within the upcoming months. We will be talking with our vendors to make sure that we are the first to carry some of these new products.

Did you see something that we missed? Comment below and we can add the product to the list of releases from The Olympia 2018.

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