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Unbound Supplements | The New Brand from NutraBio

May 18, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Unbound Supplements


Today at the office we arrived to a large barrel with large wording on the side saying "UNBOUND". This was very interesting as we didn't know too much more about it, other than how the hell were we going to open this thing? 

The Wrench

We then remembered receiving a wrench from this same company a week earlier. Could this be the reason for the mysterious wrench? We went into the warehouse to find the "wrench" and amazingly, it did the trick, allowing us to open this wonderous barrel filled with anything our imaginations could come up with.

As we made the final turn of the wrench, the barrel opened displaying a weather of new supplements labeled beautifully as the barrel it came in. Pre-workouts, non stim pre-workouts, BCAA's, fat burners and more. Not only that, but some great swag including hats, shirts and coffee mugs.

Unbound Supplements did something I can respect as a marketing guy. The packaging and the unknown items you received was something I haven't seen any other company do before. It was very unique and left a mark on me in which I will always remember this company now.

The Supplements

Now, not only was the packaging great, the supplement's ingredients were on point too. I specifically grabbed the non-stimulant pre-workout, which was heavily dosed with all my favorite ingredients. Now, at the time of this writing, they haven't officially launched yet, so I am not going to get into them yet, but expect us to be getting this line of Unbound Supplements in soon, and you can decide on if they fit the bill for what you look for in supplement as well.