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VMI Sports HMB 1000 Formula Continues it's Streak of New Products

June 06, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Olympus Labs Protein Powder

VMI Sports has been busy at work the past few weeks introducing new products to it's supplement lines. About a week back they announced a Fiber+Probiotic supplement. The week prior to that they rolled out an entirely family of DHEA prdoucts.

The newest rollout from VMI Sports is HMB 1000. This formula gets its name from the fact that it has 1,000mg of HMB in each of it's 3 capsule servings. 

VMI Sports new HMB 1000 aims to help people enhance protein synthesis, repair muscles, improve power output, and promote a healthy body composition. 

HMB 1000 is for any fitness enthusiast who may struggle recovering sufficiently during workouts or anyone who's at risk of losing lean muscle mass during a low calorie diet. For those looking to stack HMB 1000; HMB 1000 stacks well with K-XR Pre-Workout.

Check back for more updates on when we'll be getting HMB1000 in, and if you want to checkout VMI Sports entire supplement line, click the button below...