Candy Corn Flavored Focus XT from Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS)

Candy Corn Flavored Focus XT from Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS)


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October is here, Halloween is right around the corner, and today, we have for you, one of the most most unique Halloween flavored supplements we've ever seen. Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) has come out with a Candy Corn themed version of their popular cognitive supplement Focus XT.

Focus XT is actually one of my personal favorite supplements. On days when I have a lot going on and really need to be on the ball, I'll start my day off with a scoop of Focus XT and stack it with Phenibut. The Phenibut is great for social anxiety and focus, and the two sources of caffeine really help kick the Phenibut into effect and give a helpful boost of energy when the moderate sleepiness of Phenibut kicks in.

Now Candy Corn seems to be a love it or hate it kind of flavor. People who love Candy Corn can't wait til October rolls around to enjoy this seasonal treat, while other people seem to think Candy Corn is gross...yuk! But if you're someoen like myself who loves Candy Corn, then you'll absolutely love this flavor.

While we're on the subject of Candy Corn, have you ever wondered, what the heck is candy corn supposed to taste like anyway? Candy Corn for those that are curious is a mixture of vanilla, marshmallow, and buttery caramel flavors. The Candy Corn flavor comes across in this supplement, though not the same creamy or buttery flavor you get with the candy. I think even people who aren't huge fans of Candy Corn may still enjoy this flavor of Focus XT as it's really just a nice sweet flavor.

But how about the effects? What does Focus XT do? Well, first and foremost Focus XT is a cognitive supplement for focus, memory, and concentration wth ingredients like Tyrosine, Choline, L-Carnitine, DMAE, and Huperzine providing the Nootropic benefits, with a bit of caffeine to kickstart all that, as well as provide a bit of extra energy.

Again, this is one of my personal favorite products of ours, so let's get into the effects a bit. I'll talk about the Focus XT on it's own and without being stacked with Phenibut incase you don't plan on stacking. So I'll typically take this shortly after waking up, get a workout in, respond to some e-mails and get started with my workday. Due to this formula behing composed of Nootropics and other ingredients that extend caffeine half life, the effects are normally present at least until lunch time.

I typically feel very composed, have more mental clarity, and feel focused when taking Focus XT. I feel sharper while taking it and my attention to detail is on point, which isn't always the case. While Focus XT does tend to get a lot of hype in the supplement community, this well rounded product has a lot of positive attributes and to me it's well deserved. Whether you need additional focus, an afternoon pick-me up, or want to use it as a coffee replacement, Focus XT does the job.

We currently have the Candy Corn Focus XT in stock and ready to ship, it sells for $28.99 for a 30 serving tub. Get into the Halloween spirit and pick-up a tub. You'll trick or treat like you've never trick or treated' before!

Aug 14th 2023 BigCommerce

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