CarniTrim, Blackstone Labs Announces New Fat Burning & Energy Supplement

CarniTrim, Blackstone Labs Announces New Fat Burning & Energy Supplement


It seems that L-Carnitine products are all the rage as of late, and Blackstone Labs has joined the party with an all new fat burning supplement. This new supplement named CarniTrim is a carnitine based supplement said to contain 3 different forms of carnitine, as well as one other ingredient to help with energy and weight loss.

This product was announced by PJ Braun and Blackston Labs on Instagram a day ago where he gave Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals a shoutout for stating they "hit it out of the park" with this new supplement.

Each serving of this new CarniTrim comes with 100mg of EGCG, 100mg of CarniPure branded carnitine tartrate, and 250mg of propionyl L-Carnitine. The last Carnitine being 250mg of Caniplex inositol-stabalized carnitine silicate. This last carnitine is intended to deliver better carnitine uptake.

So far we don't have an official launch date, however Blackstone is typically pretty quick with getting products out shortly after being announced so it shouldn't take long. We're looking forward to checking it out. Check back for updates and when we get it in stock.


Checkout our most recent blog post to hear what Blackstone Labs President has to say about CarniTrim. PJ explains why he created it, what it does, and why it's superior to other L-Carnitine products on the market. Click the button below to checkout that post.

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