CarniTrim Blackstone Labs Newest Fat Burner Explained by PJ Braun

CarniTrim Blackstone Labs Newest Fat Burner Explained by PJ Braun


So if you keep up with our blog, then you probably caught our post from a few days back announcing an exciting new product from Blackstone Labs called CarniTrim.

This exciting new product is a non-stim fat burner and is Blackstone Labs first venture into a Carnitine product which is exciting. Recently Blackstone Labs President PJ Braun took to Youtube to talk about this new product, why he created it, and how it works.

In the video, which you can watch below, PJ explains that he personally takes L-Carnitine, and got sick of buying competitors brands and wanted to create his own. He reached out to his partner Jarred Wheat over at Hi-Tech to create something.

What they came up with is an L-Carnitine that uses something called Carniplex, a trademarked ingredient which only Blackstone Labs has. PJ explained that this is the most bioavailable form of L-Carnitine ever produced and it's the most bioavailable, meaning how much your body is able to use, how much gets broken down, and how much actually makes its way into your bloodstream. Essentially it's incredibly efficient, and therefor your getting more bang for your buck. He describes it as "the athletes carnitine".

So with this supplement PJ explains that you'll get clean energy, fat burning, as well as something which fights against free radicals and helps to eliminate waste out of your body. Carnitrim also contains EGCG, the most abundant form found in green tea, and that helps with the fat burning effects of this supplement.

Carnitrim he explains, can be used as a stand alone product all by itself, or in conjunction with stimulant based fat burners making them work longer, and more efficiently.

This looks to be a pretty exciting product, and with the popularity of L-Carnitine products lately it's about time Blackstone came out with one. If you want to hear more about this exciting new supplement straight from the horses mouth, checkout PJ's video below. We should have this in sometime in the coming weeks so check back for updates.

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