COMING SOON: Hi Tech Halotestin

COMING SOON: Hi Tech Halotestin

All You Need To Know About Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin

Hi Tech Halotestin is made with 17beta-androstane-3-one, 17 a-ol which is a potent androgen with anabolic properties. This ingredient exhibit effects like 1-Testosterone which are for muscle growth. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin also is made with 3B-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one which is an epiandrosterone. Epi-Andro is a popular cutting prohormone which may increase dry, lean muscle gains, as well as increase vascularity and sex drive. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin is also made with 4-Androsten-3B-ol-17-one which is known as a 4-Andro. The 4-Andro will help increase muscle mass, sex drive, and your overall energy.

Halotestin is an insanely powerful prohormone and when it comes to strength increasing abilities, Halotestin is the key to your strength increasing wishes. If you are a strength athlete, power lifter, or competitive weight lifter, Hi Tech Halotestin is the product for you. Hi Tech's Halotestin will provide you with a huge and quick increase in muscle mass without fat and very little water retention. Many athletes have reported an increase in libido, aggression, and overall higher energy levels. Hi Tech Halotestin will also increase your testosterone levels and ensure a general well-being.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin


Hi Tech Halotestin Supplement Facts
  • 17Beta(3ketoethyl)-androstane-3-one, 17a-ol is an anabolic progestin. HydroxyProgestins are a new class of prohormones and they exhibit effects like 1-Testosterone which are for muscle growth.
  • 4-androsten-3B-ol-17-one is also known as a 4-Andro. 4-Andro is consider a "wet gainer" because as it converts to testosterone there is a chance of an estrogen conversion. This means there is going to be a little bit of water retention. This ingredient may help increase muscle mass, sex drive, and energy.
  • 3B-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one is also known as Epiandrosterone. Epi-Andro is a popular cutting prohormone and this ingredient may help increase dry, lean muscle gains as well as increase your vascularity and sex drive.


Does This Increase Your Libido?

  • Yes. With the ingredient 3B-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one which is also known as an Epiandrosterone; this ingredient will help increase your sex drive and libido.

Does This Cause Water Retention?

  • Yes, just a little water retention. The ingredient 4-androsten-3B-ol-17-one is a 4-Andro which is considered a "wet gainer" because when it converts into testosterone, there is a chance of estrogen conversion which means there is going to be a little bit of water retention.

Is This A Steroid?

  • No, this product is a prohormone, not a steroid.

Do I Need A PCT?

  • Yes, a four week PCT should be taken after your cycle. We recommend Arimiplex.



Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin should be here in just a few short weeks! This bulking prohormone is great for those looking to increase your strength and gains! Shop Now & Get Your Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin Here!

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