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On-Cycle Support Guide

Cycle Support Guide Bible

What is On-Cycle Support?


On-Cycle Support (also referred to as liver support) are products taken during a prohormone cycle to protect the body from harmful side effects and maximize gains.


What Side Effects Can Cycle Support Products Protect Against? 


Liver, prostate, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues are common during prohormone cycles. Your body is placed under tremendous stress during a cycle, so proper supplementation is essential to optimizing your on-cycle results.  Cycle Support products can help prevent or limit the side effects experienced during a cycle, while optimizing gains in size and strength.


How Long do I Take On-Cycle Support?


A general rule is 4-8 weeks. You should take your cycle support supplement for the entirety of your prohormone cycle.  The length of cycle varies depending on your experience, sensitivity, and the strength of the prohormone(s) you are taking.


Do I Need Cycle Support for Non-Methylated Prohormones?


Yes.  Although non-methylated prohormones have limited liver toxicity and contain fewer side effects, a cycle support product will still help counteract issues pertaining to cholesterol levels, blood pressure, prostate health, and inflammation.


What are the Most Popular Non-Methylated Prohormones?


IronMag Labs 1-Andro Rx and IronMag Labs 4-Andro Rx are the two most popular non-methylated prohormones. 


We have created a 1-Andro Guide and 4-Andro Guide to answer questions you may have about the best legal prohormones on the market.


Can I Skip Cycle Support if I'm Going to Take a PCT?


No.  You need both.  Cycle Support helps to protect your body during a prohormone cycle, while a Post Cycle Therapy product ensures your body restores its natural test levels and eliminates unwanted side effects at the conclusion of a cycle..


What are the Top 5 Cycle Support Products?


1. Lecheek Nutrition Cycle Armor: LeCheek Nutrition hit a home run with this product.  Cycle Armor contains a synergistic blend of 6 clinically-proven ingredients that lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and repair liver cells.  A video review on the product can be found here


2. IronMag Labs Advanced Cycle Support: IronMag Labs is one of the most respected companies in the nutrition industry, and Advanced Cycle Support continues the trend of impressive products.  Ingredients like Milk Thistle, NAC, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto, and CoQ10 are included to lower blood pressure, offer prostate protection, and increase lipid profiles.


3. Blackstone Labs Gear Support: Gear Support protects the liver, lowers blood pressure levels, and is one of the few products that contains Red Clover Extract.  Take 1-2 x daily with food.


4. AI Sports Nutrition Life Support: Take 2 capsules in the a.m. and p.m. to maintain healthy immune function and protect against harmful side effects.


5. Competitve Edge Labs Cycle Assist: Cycle Assist can be combined with P.C.T Assist for best results.


What Are the Most Common Ingredients? 


The ingredient profile varies from product to product.  The most common ingredients include NAC, Milk Thistle, CoQ10, Saw Palmetto, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.


How Many Times Per Day Do I Take My Cycle Support? 


Most products recommend a morning and evening dose with food.


Whats the Difference Between On-Cycle Support and Liver Support?


The terms are often used interchangeably to represent products taken to maintain proper health and minimize side effects during a cycle.  On-cycle support products are more comprehensive than liver support supplements, offering prostate support and regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Is On-Cycle Support Legal? 


Yes.  These products contain a blend of herbal extracts, amino acids, and other legal ingredients.  Always run the ingredient profiles of supplements you take by a physician, trainer, and/or regulating body (sports) if you have any concerns.  Although on-cycle support products are legal, you should be at least 18 years old to take prohormones. 


Where Can I Find More Information?


The MySupplement Store YouTube Channel offers an unbiased assessment of many of the prohormones and on-cycle support products we carry.  Our website also has a review tab that often contains valuable insight from customers into their experience using the product.


What Other Supplements Can I Take During A Cycle?


There are a variety of products that can be taken during a cycle to improve results and help you maintain optimal health including joint support, taurine, fish oil, and multivitamins.  A brief description and recommendation are included below.


Joint Support 


Compounds like Epistane, Halodrol, and Methylsten are known to dry out joints, introducing aches and pains that can prove detrimental to your progress in the gym and even hinder your lifestyle.  Taking a joint support product during your cycle can keep joints lubricated and working at optimal levels.

Best Joint Supplement: MRM Joint Synergy +




Taurine is an amino acid that is taken for back pumps.  Many people experience lower back pain during a cycle.  Taurine helps balance electrolytes in the kidney and eliminate any discomfort.

Best Taurine Supplement: All Max Nutrition Taurine 400 Grams


Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements help reduce inflammation and regulate cholesterol levels.

Best Fish Oil Supplement: Vital Labs Vital Omega




Helps promote healthy immune function while dealing with the stresses placed on the body during strenuous exercise.  

Best Multivitamin: Universal Nutrition Animal Pak


What Else Can I Do To Improve Cycle Results?


Read about the importance of using SARMS and Estrogen Blockers in regulating hormones in our Estrogen Blockers Guide.  There is no magic formula or shortcut to success.  Pay special attention to sleep, nutrition, water consumption, and curtail alcohol and recreational drug use for best results.


Cycle Support Reviews


Each product on the My Supplement Store website has a Review Tab that allows users to rate the effectiveness, overall rating, and give their personal experience using the product.  These user reviews are a great tool when trying to make a purchasing decision. 


Be sure to come back and review products once you have tried them so the next person will have more information to make their decision.


Cycle Support Product Reviews


Are you looking for more information before purchasing Cycle Support products?  My Supplement Store has a Reviews Tab for each product on our website.  Our customers rate and review products based on their experience.  This allows new customer to read 1st hand, unbiased reviews of the product.


Cycle Support Customer Review Counts

Lecheek Nutrition Cycle Armor 60 Caps-3 Product Reviews

IronMag Labs Anabolic Matrix Rx 120 Caps-2 Product Reviews

IronMag Labs Advanced Cycle Support 120 Caps-2 Product Reviews

Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist / PCT Assist Stack-1 Product Review

Blackstone Labs Gear Support 90 Caps-1 Product Review

Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist 240 Caps-1 Product Review

CTD Labs Liver Armor 180 Caps-No Product Reviews

Athletic Xtreme Perfect Cycle 90 Capsules 90 Tabs-No Product Reviews

Omega Sports Liver Lock TUDCA 60 Caps-No Product Reviews

Serious Nutrition Solutions Liver Assist XT 180 Caps-No Product Reviews

AI Sports Nutrition Life Support 120 Caps-No Product Reviews

Advanced Muscle Science Super Cycle 240 Caps-No Product Reviews

Antaeus Labs Aegis 180 Caps-No Product Reviews

IronMag Labs Ultra Male Rx 60 Caps-No Product Reviews


Final Recommendations


Consult our Post Cycle Therapy Guide and Prohormone Guide for detailed information on individual prohormone compounds, stacks, cycle length, and every other topic you can imagine.