Glaxon Astrolyte's NEW Flavor: Pink Lemonade

Glaxon Astrolyte's NEW Flavor: Pink Lemonade

Glaxon has been one of the hottest selling brands with a variety of products! Glaxon has electrolytes, greens, and we just go in a bunch of NEW Glaxon products! One of them including a NEW Glaxon Astrolyte flavor. Introducing Pink Lemonade!

Glaxon Astrolyte is a hydration supplement that provides hydrating electrolytes and promotes optimal hydration. Glaxon Astrolyte provides you with the ability to consume a beverage that will promote rehydration, refuels your body with critical minerals that you lost through sweat; plus this supplement will allow you the ability to maintain a high level performance and endurance during physical activity.

Pink Lemonade is the third flavor of Glaxon Astrolyte; along side Citrus Splash and Juicy Apple. Glaxon Astrolyte Pink Lemonade just arrived and it is ready to ship!

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Jun 12th 2023 BigCommerce

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