Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone

What Makes Hi-Tech Turkesterone 650 So Unique?

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals just came out with an all NEW Turkesterone Supplement. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650 is a supplement that are for users looking to increase lean muscle mass, increase endurance, and increase protein synthesis.

Turkesterone and Ecdysteroids have been a popular topic in the bodybuilding and supplementation world. Turkesterone is considered an ecdysteroid which is a hormone that can compare to testosterone because of the potential to induce growth. However, unlike testosterone, ecdysteroids don't stick to androgen receptors and don't cause negative side effects that often associate with steroids.

We currently have supplements that are made with Turkesterone like USP Labs Pink Magic and Universal Animal Methoxy Stak. However, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650 is a dedicated Turkesterone Supplement.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650 is a highly concentrated and an unique form of Turkesterone and other Ecdysterones. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650 optimizes the mRNA translation process and enhances leucine and other uptakes in the muscles.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is a company that makes high quality supplements, so we know this Turkesterone Supplement is good. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have tested products out and they have found out a lot of Turkesterone products contain little to no Turkesterone. Hi Tech Pharamceuticals Turkesterone 650 is standardized to 10% of Turkesterone and 50% total Ecdysteroids. Hi Tech Turkesterone has been proven to increase lean muscle mass and increase protein synthesis. Like many Hi Tech products, Turkesterone 650 features Hi Tech's Cyclosome Delivery System for enhanced bioavailability which means users are going to get a more potent Turkesterone and your body will be able to absorb and use it more efficiently too.

What Does Turkesterone Do?

Hi Tech Turkesterone 650 is the most significnat advancement in protein synthesis. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Turkesterone 650 is an amino acid catalytic converter that promotes protein synthesis. This natural steroidal anabolic and anti-proteolytic formulation will help enhance strength and athletic performance.

Is Turkesterone Natural?

Yes, Turkesterone is natural. Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid or a natural hormonal steroid found in plants and insects. Turkesterone is believed to be one of the strongest natural supplements for fat loss and muscle building.

What Are The Benefits Of Turkesterone 650?

Some benefits of taking Turkesterone consist of an increase in muscle mass as well as an increase in muscle endurance. This supplement will help prevent muscle breakdown and support protein synthesis.

How Do You Take Turkesterone 650?

Take one (1) tablet of Turkesterone twice daily. Turkesterone 650 should be taken with meals. Do not exceed four tablets in a 24 hour period.

When Is The Best Time To Turkesterone?

Hi-Tech Turkesterone 650 should be taken twice per day with a meal. Hi-Tech hasn't specified a specified time of the day take, and there is no research stating it should be taken at a certain time of day or before or after a workout.

How To Cycle Turkesterone?

While you don't have to cycle Turkesterone, most users will cycle for 6-12 weeks depending on their fitness goals. Turkesterone can be stacked with Hi Tech Winstrol, Enhanced EpiMuscle, Ashwagandha, and more!

Side Effects Of Turkesterone (Postive & Negative)

If you are wondering about the side effects of Turkesterone, here are the negative and postive side effects. Avoid taking Turkesterone on an empty stomach as it can cause nausea which is a negative side effect. However, Turkesterone does have positive side effects. For example, Turkesterone can help optimize hormonal levels and strengthen your immune system which is essential for any active person. Ecysteroids are promoted as being healthy for the liver and intestines. Plus, it will help lower cholesterol and regulate blood glucose. There has been research done to shows Turkesterone has protective effects on brain health through enhancing neurotransmitter activity.

May 16th 2023

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