Hi-Tech Plasmagen Nitric Oxide Maximizer

Hi-Tech Plasmagen Nitric Oxide Maximizer


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has announced an all new product to their line-up. This one is called Plasmagen and is a Nitric Oxide Maximizer aka a Pump Supplement. Plasmagen is designed to provide users with incredible muscle pumps and fullness, increased vascularity, and lean muscle mass.

Plasmagen is the first product ever designed to both increase NO levels, as well as completely inhibit and deactivate the Arginase Enzyme before it can negatively affect your gains.

You can take a look at the supplement facts label below. Hi-Tech Plasmagen features a 250mg Arginase Inhibitor Matrix, a 466mg Hypertrophic Vaso Expansion & Phosphodiesterase formula, 3500mg Nitric Oxide (NO) Support & Liposmal Delivery System, and a 99mg Potassium AminoAcid Complex.

Now word yet on exactly when Plasmagen will become available, however it shouldn't be too long. We'll keep you updated when we learn more, or once we get it in stock.

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Jun 22nd 2023 BigCommerce

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