Insane Labz Announces New Women's Pre-Workout Boss A$$ B!t@h

Insane Labz Announces New Women's Pre-Workout Boss A$$ B!t@h


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Insane Labz is a strong player in the Pre-Workout market with popular and powerful pre-workouts like Psychotic, Psychotic Gold, Psychotic HellBoy, Possessed, #Pre, and More. One segment of the market they have yet to tap into however is Women's supplements, and specifically women's pre-workouts. Seeing the rise of popular supplement brands like Alani Nu, and others which seem to have a focus towards women, Insane must have realized they were missing out on a segment of the market and in collaboration with the wife of Insane Labz CEO, they've rolled out their first pre-workout just for women. 

This new supplement is going to be called "Boss Ass Bitch" and aims to deliver energy and focus. We've yet to see a supplement panel and the macros as of yet, however one ingredient has been confirmed and that ingredient is AMPiberry. 

There was no mention of when this new supplement would be rolling out, however it's likely to drop in the coming weeks. Initially it's going to be available in a 35 serving tub and is going to roll out with Fruit Punch as the sole flavor. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on a supplement fact label as well as more info on when this will be released. 

May 16th 2023

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