More Details on Finaflex's Oatmeal Cream Pie Protein Snack | Finaflex Protein Pie

More Details on Finaflex's Oatmeal Cream Pie Protein Snack | Finaflex Protein Pie


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Last week we announced in a blog post Finaflex had teased a new high protein snack they were rolling out, a protein pie, which was essentially the Oatmeal Cream Pies that were many of our favorite lunchtime snacks.

Well Finaflex has released a bit more info about this tasty snack, and it looks like it's going to be a real treat. Finaflex Protein Pie wil feature two oatmeal cookies sandwiched together with a delicious cream filling between them.

The cookies are made of oatmeal and Finaflex says they'll be soft and chewy just like the real thing. The cream filling will be mashmallow flavored and packed with protein made from two protein sources, whey and milk isolate proteins. 

Now this snack will be a bit high in carbs with 37 grams of carbs and with 12 grams of that being in fiber and 8 in sugar. It will also have 15 grams of fat. It will however pack 14 grams of protein and a calorie count of 310. So this snack won't be quite as healthy as a lot of other snacks on the market but still beats eating a Twinkie or Hostess Cupcake. Again, probably not the healthiest protein snack on the market but I have a feeling they're going to more than make up for it with the taste. 

When we first heard about this new snack what really stuck out was how unique it was, it seems to be the only product of it's kind on the market once it rolls out. We're looking forward to giving it a try. 

May 16th 2023

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