New Animal Pump Pro Pump & Focus Formula

New Animal Pump Pro Pump & Focus Formula

Animal just announced yesterday on their Instagram profile, an all new product called Animal Pump Pro. This new and exciting product from Animal is a non-stim pump powerhouse pre-workout mix. This exciting new pre-workout formula is somewhat of a hybrid as it provides both skin splitting pumps as well as laser like focus, and it was put together in collaboration with IFBB Pro, Animal Athlete, and Registered Dieticitian John Jewett.

Pump Pro comes in powder form and has a fairly short but impressive list of ingredients including 4 grams of Citrulline Malate, 3 grams of HydroMax Glycerol for Pumps, and 2 grams of Tyrosine. That along with 600mg of Alpha-GPC and 400mg of Sea Salt for Focus and Hydration.

While we don't have this one in stock quite yet, it should be here soon. You can expect a 20 serving tub in flavors like Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade, as well as a 30 serving option which comes in Green Apple and Blue Ice Pop.

You can checkout the full supplement facts and ingredients below.

Jun 22nd 2023 BigCommerce

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