New Finaflex Keto Kookies | High Fat Keto Snack

New Finaflex Keto Kookies | High Fat Keto Snack


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Finaflex just announced an all new product, a high fat keto cookie called Keto Kookies. We're incredibly excited about this product, especially after Finaflex absolutely nailed it with their last sweet functional food snack, their Oatmeal Protein Pie's, which in my opinion are almost better than the original. You may have seen some of our previous blog posts about them.

Finaflex's latest effort is a high fat cookie for the popular and growing keto market. These new cookies come in a box of 24 cookies and are available in two flavor options, Almond and Coconut. These cookies, or Kookies as Finaflex calls them, are made with butter, sugar alcohol, and almonds. In the case of the coconut cookies, there are two additional ingredients, coconut flour, and coconut oil.

I'm sure you're wondering about the macros. These cookies contain 8 grams of fat in the almond flavor, 10 in the coconut. They don't have a huge amount of protein at 2 grams, however with only a net gram of carbs and 110 calories per serving they seem to fit the bill for a low calorie, no sugar, well rounded keto snack. 

These Keto Kookies are not yet available, although we should have them in very soon so keep checking back. We'll likely follow-up with a review once we get them in. 

May 16th 2023

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