New Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Zinc Lozenges

New Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Zinc Lozenges

Exciting news from the team over at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Hi-Tech has revealed an all new supplement, and the timing couldn't have been better. Zinc has been in short supply as of late. Ourselves, as well as pretty much every other Vitamin and Supplement retailer is struggling to keep it in stock with everything going on, as Zinc is a powerful immune function supplement.

Well Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has revealed the packaging of an all new Zinc Lozenge they'll be rolling out in the near future. This all new Zinc Lozenge from Hi-Tech aims to support immne system function, and is highly bio-available. It's also hypeoallergenic and vegan friendly.

Hi-Tech's Zinc Lozenges pack a whopping 25mg per serving and comes 100 orange flavored lozenges per bottle. We should have this one in stock in the coming days, so if you've been struggling to find Zinc, stay tuned for upates.

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Jun 13th 2023 BigCommerce

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