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17beta-hydroxy-2alpha (DMZ)

What is 17beta-hydroxy-2alpha?

17beta-hydroxy-2alpha and 17beta-dimethyl 5alpha-androstan 3-on azine are the compound names for DMZ (Dymethazine).  DMZ is a designer anabolic steroid that uses azine bond technology. 


The time-release nature of azine bonding limit’s the effects on liver enzymes, allowing users to make quality gains while placing less stress on the liver.

What are the benefits of 17beta-hydroxy-2alpha?

DMZ helps users make solid size and strength gains.  Many users put on 10-20 lbs of muscle in a single cycle. 


Dymethazine is clinically proven to have comparable muscle-building effects to notable steroids like Winstrol and Anadrol.  

•Size and Strength gains


•Doesn’t Convert to Estrogen

•Reduced Stress on Liver Enzymes

What are the side effects of 17beta-hydroxy-2alpha?


A variety of side effects are possible with DMZ, with a few of the most common listed below.  Taking a Cycle Support and PCT can also help limit the potential for side effects.


•Elevated Blood Pressure

•High Cholesterol Levels


•Back Pumps

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Suggested Cycle Length/Dose

A typical DMZ cycle is 4-6 weeks, with 2-3 capsules being the recommended dosage.  Users should start with a lower dose and work their way up based on past experience with prohormones.

Is 17beta-hydroxy-2alpha for Cutting or Bulking?


DMZ can be used to cut or bulk depending on your goals.


Do I need Cycle Support?


Yes.  Cycle Support should be taken as a precautionary measure any time you are taking a prohormone.

Should I take a PCT?


Yes!  A PCT should always be taken to restore natural testosterone levels and in order to retain as much hard-earned muscle as possible.