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Natural Test Boosters: Solution to 2014 Prohormone Ban?

Why Men Need Testosterone


Testosterone is a hormone that reaches peak levels during teenage and young adult years, with levels falling by approximately 1% per year after the age of 30.  Testosterone plays an integral role in building muscle, cardiovascular health, bone health, weight management, mood, sex drive, and many other functions in the body.  


There are changes you can make in your diet, sleep paterns, stress levels, and supplementation with natural testosterone boosters or prohormones.  We cover some of the most common topics and questions below.


Low Testosterone Side Effects


If you have been experiencing any of the side effects listed below, it may be due to low testosterone levels.  A prohormone or natural test booster may be your solution.






•Decreased Height (Bone Strength)


•Decreased Strength


•Lower Libido


•Hair Loss


•Weight Gain


Are Prohormones Really Banned?


Yes, some prohoromes are banned.  Now what?  The 2014 Prohormone Ban hit many people really hard.  The FDA banned many of the most popular prohormones including Halodrol, Epistane, Tendione, Protobol, and Furazabol. 


The good news is that there are still several many 100% legal prohormones that My Supplement Store sells, and there are also test boosters that mimic the results of prohormones, without many of the unfortuante side effects.  A detailed look at the legal prohormones and test boosters is listed below.


What Prohormones Are Still Legal?


My Supplement Store only sells products that are 100% legal, including prohormones.  The government has banned a lengthy list of prohormones, so you may want to stock up on the current batch in case they get banned also.


The most popular prohormones we are sell are 1-Andro and 4-Andro.  A comprehensive list can be found below.


1-Andro Prohormones 


1-Andro is a non-methylated prohormone that doesn't convert to estrogen, has no bloating, helps you increase strength and lean muscle mass. We created the 1-Andro Guide to address any questions you have may have.  


Finaflex (redefine Nutrition) 1-Andro 60 Caps


Finaflex 1-Andro and Mass 550 Stack


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Deca-Test Stack


4-Andro Prohormones


4-Andro is also a  non-methylated prohormone that has no liver toxicity, increases muscle size and strength, and improves libido and sexual performance.  Read more details in our 4-Andro Guide.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Androdiol 4-Andro


Other Popular 100% Legal Prohormones


Blackstone Labs Complete PCT Stack


Blackstone Labs Ostapure 90 Tabs


Blackstone Labs The Neck's 8 Week Bridge


Finaflex (redefine Nutrition) 1-Alpha 60 Caps


IronMag Labs Anabolic Matrix Rx 120 Caps


IronMag Labs Ultra Male Rx 60 Caps


Lecheek Nutrition Andro-5A 30 Caps


Best Natural Testosterone Boosters


With the 2014 prohormone ban, many people have started looking for product replacements.  The list of legal prohormones were already discussed.  We have listed some of the most popular natural testosterone boosters we carry below.  These products can help you increase size, strength, recovery, sleep, and many other benefits, without having to encounter severe side effects sometimes seen with prohormones.


AI Sports Nutrition TestoPro 120 Caps 


Allmax Nutrition D-Aspartic Acid 100 Grams


Analyzed Supplements Fenu400 90 Caps


Allmax Nutrition TestoFX Loaded 90 Caps


Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test 180 Caps 


IFORCE Reversitol V2 84 Caps 


Purus Labs D-Pol 90 Tabs  


Purus Labs D-Pol Powder Custard Creme 30 Servings


Sopharma Tribestan 60 Tabs


Blackstone Labs Totally Natty Stack


Popular Ingredients in Test Boosters


The ingredients most commonly found in natural test boosters can be found below.   Each test booster contains a different ingredient profile, and many of the most popular ingredients have limited or no data to support its effectiveness.  We have listed the most effective ingredients only.


D-Aspartic Acid




Vitamin D


•VItamin B6








What is ZMA?


ZMA is a natural dietary supplement that contains Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6.  A zinc defficiency can have a detrimental affect on protein synthesis, cell growth, and immune function.  Foods high in zinc include meat, fish, and nuts.


ZMA Benefits


The most popular reason most people take ZMA supplements is to improve sleep quality.  There has been little reseach regarding ZMA's effect on sleep, but both Zinc and Magnesium play a role in sleep regulation, and many people reports great results with these products. 


ZMA was originally believed to have a positive effect on free testosterone levels, but recent studies seem to indicate that this is largely unaffected by individuals that have sufficient zinc intake. 


•May Improve Sleep Quality


•Improves Immune Function

•Improves Recovery


•Limits Duration of Colds


What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus is a dietary supplement used to address low testosterone levels and associated issues (low libido, erectile dysfunction).  Limited research on Tribulus Terrestris exists, but many nutrition companies have presented Tribulus as a viable testosterone-boosting supplement. 


Further research is necessary, but so far Tribulus seems to offer its greatest benefits with libido and sexual performance, while so far not delivering on its promise to improve testosterone levels.


Natural Testosterone Booster Product Reviews


Are you looking for more information before purchasing Natural Testonsterone Booster products?  My Supplement Store has a Reviews Tab for each product on our website.  Our customers rate and review products based on their experience.  This allows new customer to read 1st hand, unbiased reviews of the product.


Each product on the My Supplement Store website has a Review Tab that allows users to rate the effectiveness, overall rating, and give their personal experience using the product.  These user reviews are a great tool when trying to make a purchasing decision. 


Be sure to come back and review products once you have tried them so the next person will have more information to make their decision.


Get More Sleep For Higher Testosterone Levels


The importance of sleep cannot be understated.  The recommended sleep amount usually ranges from 6- 8 hours.  You probably already know that getting enough sleep has a big impact on job performance, and social interactions.  Cognitive function is certainly affected with insufficient sleep. 


You may not realize just how important getting enough sleep is on your testosterone levels and workout results.  Numerous studies indicate that individuals not getting the recommended amount of sleep will see a dramatic decrease in testosterone levels and much higher levels of cortisol.


The bottom line is that if you want higher test levels, you need to have proper sleep habits.


Does Stress Lower Testosterone Levels


High stress levels have a very detrimental effect on memory, immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol, and too many other things to mention.  Elevated Stress levels and low testosterone are commonly associated with each other.  When the human body is stressed, it releases cortiso. Cortisol is responsible for regulating blood pressure, immune function, and blood sugar maintenance. 


In limited amounts, cortisol actually has a positive net effect.  When too much cortisol is released, it impacts cognitive function, bone density, blood pressure, and immune system function.


So, does stress lower testosterone levels?  The answer is maybe.  Low test levels and high stress levels share many of the same symptoms including low libido, depression, lethagry, and poor sleep quality,   It has been assumed that since they share common symptoms there is a correlation.  Research seems to be inconclusive, because there are many older men that have low test levels, but don't have the symptoms commonly associated.  Keep stress levels in check has many health benefits, so making a conceirted effort to keep emotions in check would make good sense, and who knows you may help your test levels in the process.


Foods that RaiseTestosterone Levels


Food and beverage consumption play a role in your testosterone levels.  Eating foods that contain vitamins, antioxidants, and lean protein sources helps naturally increase testosterone levels.  Alcohol has estrogenic properties, so be careful to avoid excess alcohol consumption. 


The list below includes some of the most popular foods for raising test levels.  The list is not comprehensive, there are too many foods to list.




•Egg Yolks






•Beef Liver


•Black Beans




•Chia Seeds


•Coconut Oil








Are There Also Supplements That Reduce Estrogen?


Yes.  There are estrogen blockers that can be taken during or after prohormone cycles.  These products can be taken by men experiencing the side effects of excess estorgen.  Common symptoms of excess estrogen include gynecomastia (male breast development), water retention, depression, and low sex drive. 


If you want more information about estrogen, consult our Estrogen Blockers Guide.