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NRG-X Labs 1-4 Andro-Maxx


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NRG-X Labs is known for making the best prohormone products on the market.  



1-4 Andro-Maxx is a dry compound, used for cutting and hardening. 



Users looking to lean out while putting on 5lbs of muscle during a cycle used 1-4 Andro Maxx.



NRG-X Labs 1-4 Andro-Maxx Was Part of The 2014 Prohormone Ban



Try The Stack Below For SImilar Results.



IronMag Labs Dual Andro Stack

IronMag Labs Dual Andro Stack


The IronMag Labs Dual Andro Stack is the perfect replacement for 1-4 Andro Maxx. 



Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are non-methylated prohormones, so there are limited side effects and no liver toxcity. 



The stack creates a snyergistic effect helps users increase testosterone levels, strength, recovery, protein synthesis, and can be used for cutting or bulking depending on your diet and exercise program.


Stack Includes


  • One bottle of IronMag Labs 4-Andro 60 Caps


  • One bottle of IronMag Labs 1-Andro Rx 60 Caps





  • Increases muscle mass


  • Boosts size and strength


  • Increases blood volume


  • Speeds up recovery time


  • Non-methylated


  • Increases protein synthesis


  • Increases libido


  • Increases focus



  • Increases lean muscle mass


  • Increases strength and power


  • Helps with cutting


  • Does not convert to estrogen or DHT


  • No water retention


  • Non-methylated


Post Cycle Therapy



Using a PCT after a prohormone cycle is an essential part of preventing side effects, and also retaining your hard-earned gains.



IronMag Labs Ultra Male Rx helps you restore your natural testosterone levels quickly using Fenugreek Seed Extract, Maca Root, and Dioica PE.