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NRG-X Labs 1-4 Andro-Maxx

NRG-X Labs is known for making the best prohormone products on the market.  



1-4 Andro-Maxx is a dry compound, used for cutting and hardening. 



Users looking to lean out while putting on 5lbs of muscle during a cycle used 1-4 Andro Maxx.



NRG-X Labs 1-4 Andro-Maxx Was Part of The 2014 Prohormone Ban



Try The Stack Below For SImilar Results.



The Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD, Androdiol Stack is the perfect replacement for 1-4 Andro Maxx. 



Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are non-methylated prohormones, so there are limited side effects and no liver toxcity. 



The stack creates a snyergistic effect helps users increase testosterone levels, strength, recovery, protein synthesis, and can be used for cutting or bulking depending on your diet and exercise program.


Stack Includes


  • One bottle of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD 60 Caps


  • One bottle of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Androdiol 60 Caps






  • Increases muscle mass


  • Boosts size and strength


  • Increases blood volume


  • Speeds up recovery time


  • Non-methylated


  • Increases protein synthesis


  • Increases libido


  • Increases focus




  • Increases lean muscle mass


  • Increases strength and power


  • Helps with cutting


  • Does not convert to estrogen or DHT


  • No water retention


  • Non-methylated


Post Cycle Therapy



Using a PCT after a prohormone cycle is an essential part of preventing side effects, and also retaining your hard-earned gains.



IronMag Labs Ultra Male Rx helps you restore your natural testosterone levels quickly using Fenugreek Seed Extract, Maca Root, and Dioica PE.