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Supplement Reviews Contest

Submit a Supplement Review & Win NRG-X Labs Overdose, Beta Maxx or Maxx Pump!

How Can You Win?
1/ Find a product on that you have used in the past.
2/ Click on the link "Review this product" right below the product image.
3/ Write a thorough, honest review about that product with at least 100 characters.
4/ Remember to add your email to the review form (Will Not Be Published) and submit the form.
5/ We will randomly select 3 reviewers as the winners on Monday, March 14th and those reviewers will be contacted via email and shipped their winning item for free!

Contest Ends March Sunday, March 13th 2011 at Midnight!

Start Reviewing Supplements!

What is Overdose?

Complete pre-workout formula now with patented Creatine Magna Power and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine for skin splitting workouts, unreal energy and endurance for rep after rep and set after set!!

OverDose offers the complete pre-workout formula. Designed to amplify training focus, power and intensity. Creatine Magna Power®, Arginine AKG and Beta-Alanine combine to produce rock hard gains and serious focus that'll bring your workouts to the next level. Incorporating tried and true potent ingredients while optimizing the bloodstream delivery is the backbone of OverDose.

Packed with Maltodextrin and Dextrose Overdose gorges your muscle bellies to aid in producing those insane pumps that everyone is looking for in the gym. A big oversight in many pre-workout supplements is the lack of a good carbohydrate source, with so much positive research pointing toward upping your carbohydrate intake before and during your workouts it's a wonder why more pre-workout supplements aren't incorporating this into their formulas. Well, we can't speak for them but NRG-X Labs did it right the first time!

Boosting Nitric Oxide levels and blood flow to your muscles can take workout "pumps" further than ever before. Loaded with the correct balance of glycogenic carbohydrates and insulin nutrient transporters, OverDose is the answer to muscle growth and repair.

What is Beta Maxx?

Beta-Alanine Complex Formula! When Creatine Stops, Beta-Alanine Starts.

Beta-Alanine just plain works, it's been the work horse for many of the most popular supplements on the market today. Beta-Alanine is the most effective supplement for adding lean muscle mass and increasing strength- give it a try today and see why this is THE supplement you NEED to be taking! Combine this will our CEE 3000 and you'll have one of the most potent supplement combos on the market today.

Research has shown in just 4 weeks of taking Beta MAXX you will see increased carnosine concentrations by more than 50% - (AKA, faster recovery, more strength and better pumps!) By staying on Beta MAXX for more than 14 weeks levels can reach as high as 80% in the muscle... WOW!

What is Maxx Pump?

Get your PUMP on like never before!

With 3 of the hottest PUMP supplements on the market today MaXX Pump w/ Creatine Magna Power® by NRG-X Labs is the first supplement of its kind. Users experience extreme pumps that last and last plus a boost in endurance during your workout - you'll be ready for set after set and rep after rep with MaXX Pump™. Users feel the effects quick too, normally within 15-20 minutes of use because of the raw potency of our exclusive blend!

All 3 of these ingredients work together to boost strength and promote a full and tight PUMP like you have never felt before.

We're sure that you will love MaXX Pump w/ Creatine Magna Power® by NRG-X Labs and don't worry about fitting in to your T-Shirts ... you'll be so pumped after your workout that you'll be tearing those sleeves off! Enjoy!

Contest Ends March Sunday, March 13th 2011 at Midnight!