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5% Nutrition Real Food Egg White Crystals 30 Servings

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5% Nutrition Real Food Egg White Crystals 30 Servings

Rich Piana’s main philosophy revolved around the idea of achieving a healthy diet through the consumption of real, whole foods. Unfortunately for fans of this philosophy, a “real whole food” doesn’t include the immortalized protein shake! What’s an athlete to do without this necessary staple? Protein is an essential component of every athlete’s healthy diet, particularly since it’s the very thing that drives muscular development and growth. Not everyone has the time for weekly grocery shopping and meal prep, so Rich wanted to bring the convenience of the protein shake to his lifestyle. Thus, Real Food Egg White Crystals from 5% Nutrition was born. This potent protein source is made from real egg whites from chickens that are vegetarian-fed and free of any and all hormones or antibiotics - nothing else. Not only can you mix these Egg White Crystals into a protein shake, but you can also cook them up just like regular egg whites (we recommend getting the plain flavor if you think you may do this). Because egg white crystals aren't subjected to the high-temperature activation process that most protein powders go through, the protein in the egg whites remains persevered. This means that when compared to your regular, basic whey protein, Egg White Crystals is going to give you a higher protein intake every time. Each serving of Real Food Egg White Crystals features 20g of protein, zero carbs, and zero fat! If you’re looking for a convenient high-protein meal replacement or snack, look no further than 5% Nutrition’s Real Food Egg White Crystals. Order your tub today and start eating real food to see real results!


  • 20g of Protein per serving
  • Zero fat
  • Zero carbs
  • Made from real egg whites

Egg Whites vs. Other Protein Sources

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