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Action Labs Avena Sativa Oat Straw 2 Fl Oz

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Action Labs Avena Sativa Oat Straw 2 Fl Oz

Avena Sativa is an herbal supplement used to improve brain function, increase sexual performance, increase energy, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Action Labs Avena Sativa is a natural alternative to Viagra and other expensive pharmaceuticals. Avena Sativa increases blood flow and has been show to be effecitve in treating impotence and premature ejaculation. This formula can be safely taken by both men and women, and the size of the bottle makes it convenient to take along in your pocket or purse.

Action Labs Avena Sativa Oat Straw 2 Fl Oz Benefits

• Increases Sexual Performance

• Treats Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

• Natural Alternative

• Reduces Anxiety


For maximum results, take 1 ml (approx. 1 dropper full) per day. Do not exceed one full dropper. Shake well before using.


Serving Size: 1 Full Dropper

Servings Per Container: 59

Amount Per Serving

Alcohol Extract of Avena Sativa 100mg