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About C:VOL

Allmax Nutrition Cremagnavol is back and better with their newest version called C:VOL. Allmax Nutrition C:VOL is an ultimate post-workout muscle recovery complex. When it comes to recovering after a workout, C:VOL has everything you need to recover faster and stronger. Allmax designed C:VOL to increase muscle strength and to increase muscle volume. If you are looking to get more out of your workouts, then Allmax C:VOL is a great start to help you become the bodybuilding pro you always wanted to be. C:VOL contains ingredients that will help your muscles recover faster and better each and every time.

Take 1 serving of Allmax Nutrition C:VOL with water and mix.

About AllWhey Gold

Allwhey Gold is an ultra-premium whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend that offers 24 grams of protein in a 30 gram serving.  Allwhey Gold has been sourced from 100% whey protein with zero aminos added and delivers a clean and complete, whole protein.  Allmax Nutrition said that Allwhey Gold is the best tasting Allwhey that they ever made.  They tested more than 50 versions and selected the best, most amazing flavors.  This blend is derived from a brand new cutting edge flavor technology that leaves this formula easy to mix and even easier to drink.

Blend, mix, or shake 1 rounded scoop with 200ml of water or low-fat milk at any time during the day that you need a protein boost.  Many athletes that have a higher protein requirement choose to double each serving with 2 scoops mixed with 400ml of water or low-fat milk. 

About AminoCore

Muscle catabolism is the enemy of every weight-lifter, and you need supplements and nutrition that will help you build and retain your hard-earned muscle.   Allmax Nutrition AminoCore delivers the 45:30:25 ratio of BCAA powder that increases your body’s ability to build muscle.

During periods of intense exercise, your body produces muscle toxins, which leads to fatigue.  AminoCore contains KIC (Ketoisocaproic Acid), which buffers muscle toxins, and allows you to continuing training past your previous limits. 

AminoCore also contains seven types of high-does B-Vitamins to help energize your workouts.  The cumulative effect of BCAA’s, KIC, and B-Vitamins will ramp up your workout and help you stimulate muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown.

Allmax Nutrition recommends three ways for taking AminoCore BCAA's:

  • Pour 1 scoop of AMINOCORE into water and shake or stir well.
  • Take 1 serving of AMINOCORE during weight training or any athletic event.
  • On non-training days, AMINOCORE can be taken anytime on an empty stomach. 

About Carbion

Allmax Nutrition has formulated a quality carbohydrate supplement that contains advanced ingredients for the advanced athlete. With Carbion you get a wide spectrum of simple and complex carbs that are essential in performing at your muscle's optimum level. Refuel your muscles with the latest technology in carbs and essential nutrients to take your performance to the next level.

Add 8 oz. (1 cup) of cold water to your shaker per serving (1 scoop) of Carbion, seal your shaker and shake immediately!

For Pre-Workout: Load up on 1-2 servings of Carbion 45-60 minutes prior to working out.

Intra Workout: Mix up 2 servings of Carbion and start sipping from 15min pre-workout and then throughout your workout.

Post Workout: To help push recovery and replenish glycogen, take 1-2 servings post workout.

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