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Alvita Senna Leaf Tea Organic 24 Bags



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Alivta Senna Leaf Tea Organic

Senna Leaf Tea is a popular herbal remedy for people experiencing digestive issues. The laxative properties of this tea promote increased bowel movements, and also help treat obstructions like hemorrhoids. It is also recommended that you take peppermint or giner to help lessen flatulence.

Alvita Senna Leaf Tea helps elimiate the discomfort and pain associated with digestion and bowel movements. Evidence also suggests that Senna Leaf Tea can be used to treat certain skin conditions.

Alivta Senna Leaf Tea Organic Benefits

• Treats Digestive Issues

• Increases Bowel Movements

• Removes Digestive Obstacles

• May Treat Some Skin Conditions


Place one tea bag into a cup and add no more than 6 oz. of boiling water. Let steep for 3 minutes and remove the bag. Press the bag before removing to enhance the flavor.


Serving Size: 1 Tea Bag

Servings Per Container: 24

Amount Per Serving

Organic Senna (leaves) 1.9 g