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Advanced Muscle Science

Advanced Muscle Science AROM-X CHROME 60T

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Advanced Muscle Science Arom-X 60 Tabs

Seasoned prohormone users know that Post Cycle Therapy is a vital component of every successful prohormone cycle. That’s why Advanced Muscle Science created an all-in-one PCT and test booster in Arom-X. This PCT matrix not only provides all of your post-cycle needs, but it can be used during your cycle as well to block estrogen aromatization and raise test levels. Return your hormone levels to normal post-cycle and give your test a massive boost with Arom-X!

About Arom-X

Advanced Muscle Science has your back - that’s why they designed their Arom-X PCT (post cycle therapy) matrix to have a dual function. Not only will Arom-X provide all of your post cycle needs, but it also functions as a test booster that you can take during your cycle to block the aromatization of estrogen. Arom-X is one of the most effective estrogen blockers on the market, preventing aromatization using three natural ingredients: Ellagic Acid, Reservatrol, and 7,8 Benzoflavone. These ingredients also work to stimulate test production, delivering you a sizable boost to both strength, endurance, and libido. Whether you are looking to reset your hormone levels following a prohormone cycle, get estrogen-blocking on-cyle support, or just give your test a natural boost, Arom-X does it all.

What’s more, Advanced Muscle Science uses their revolutionary SEDDS delivery system to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from each tablet of Arom-X. This top-of-the-line technology ensures that you are getting maximum absorption of ingredients, which in turn makes each dose of Trenavol more effective. SEDDS protects the ingredients in Arom-X from the harsh environment of your body’s digestive system to allow for optimal delivery of these powerful ingredients into your bloodstream. Whether you need a test boost or PCT, Arom-X is the only all-in-one post cycle supplement that does it all. Order your bottle today and start gaining!


  • complete post cycle therapy (PCT)
  • blocks estrogen conversion
  • boosts test levels
  • sizable strength and endurance boost
  • encourages fat loss
  • reduces water retention/bloating

Directions and Dosage

Advanced Muscle Science recommends taking 1-2 tablets twice daily with food. Dosages should be 8-12 hours apart. Do not exceed more than 4 tablets daily. Increasing dosage will not amplify results.

Ingredients and Label

Arom-X Chrome