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APS Nutrition Creatine Nitrate 200caps

Welcome to the most impressive non-hormonal muscle building, skin bulging, vein busting product in our entire warehouse. APS Nutrition pulled out all the stops with their Creatine Nitrate capsules, giving you a massive dose of two of the fitness industry’s most powerful supplements: Nitrates and Creatine. This dominant twosome is the holy grail, the only thing you need to crush it at the gym every time. Get your bottle of Creating Nitrate from APS Nutrition today and reach your full potential.

About Creatine Nitrate

APS Nutrition brings you the ultimate pump-producing recovery supplement: Creatine Nitrate. This powerful supplement will turn you into a pumping machine and have your muscles feeling ready to burst out of your skin. What makes Creatine Nitrate better than other Creatine supplements? Well, the scientists at APS Nutrition discovered that adding Nitrates to Creatine increases its bioavailability and effectiveness, meaning that you are getting more creatine with each dose and getting more out of it! What’s more, the added nitrates (not to be confused with nitrites) are naturally found in the human diet and have been proven time and time again to increase muscle vasodilation by stimulating Nitric Oxide production. With APS Nutrition's Creating Nitrate, you will have more endurance, strength, energy, and definition - all you need to get in that extra rep or demolish your last set. Plus, you will experience that swollen (“swole”) look that everyone is crazy about: bulging muscles and veiny roadmaps all over your body.


  • increases muscle vascularity (fullness)
  • massive strength and endurance boost
  • promotes increased lean muscle mass
  • decreases recovery time
  • boosts energy levels during exercise

Directions and Dosage

APS Nutrition recommends taking four capsules 40 minutes prior to exercise and four additional capsules after exercising. Do not exceed eight capsules daily.

Ingredients and Label